Reeblt checksheet


Sub group


Time (hrs)

  Frame   Strip down bike 2.0    
  Prepare for painting 2.0
  Painting 1.0  
  Forks Prepare for painting 0.5
  Painting 0.5
  Check head bearings and races 0.1  
  Grease and refit 0.1
  Head stem Prepare for painting 0.1  
  Painting 0.1
  Bottom bracket Strip and check bearings and shaft                                  0.1

  Grease and refit 0.1
Wheels   Check spoke and rim integrity 0.2    
  Clean and polish rims 0.5
  Hubs Strip and check bearings and axles                                  0.3

  Grease and refit 0.4
  Tyres Remove & refit tyres 0.4  
  Tubes Check tubes and rim tapes 0.2    
Controls Handlebar Replace or refit 0.1    
    Replace or refit grips 0.1
  Brakes Replace or refit levers 0.1
    Replace or refit calipers / pads 0.2
    Replace and adjust cables 0.3
  Gears Refit chainwheel and cranks 0.2
  Replace or refit pedals 0.1
  Refit or replace rear derailliuer 0.1
  Replace chain 0.1
  Replace or refit gear change 0.2
  Refit or replace gear cable/ index 0.1
  Saddle Replace seat stem 0.1
    Replace saddle 0.1    
Extras Mudguards Fit full mudguards 0.6    
  Fit rear rack 0.2
  Fit pannier 0.1
  Fit prop stand 0.1


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